Final track on Dolly's 2.0 available now!

 Hey dolls... Another Sunday another track!   So sad but this is it for a while
2.0 is now officially released!
"Custer" is the last track on the release but far from the least!  We are really proud of…Read more

New Song "Nigel I Tried" available now!!

 Hey dolls as per usual another Sunday brings a fresh new Dolly track!
This one is called "Nigel I Tried" and we're sure you'll love it... 
It's a little dark and broody... with some stellar production from Tino…Read more

New Song 'My Microphone' available now!

Hello dolls and another happy Sunday has arrived.

Here is the sixth song off of our new record '2.0'
It's called 'my microphone' and it's available now for free for one week!
Thanks for all the support!…Read more

Third song 'Penelope" available now off of Dolly 2.0! 

 Hey dolls!  Another Sunday has arrived and we're thrilled to be releasing the third song off of 2.0 'Penelope'!!!  Thanks to everyone for all the listens and excitement!  
Stay tuned... for the next  five Sundays we'll be releasing a…Read more

Second song 'I Am Woman' released! Dolly 2.0 

Hey dolls!  And Happy Turkey Day Canadians!!  We're so excited to release the second song off of our record Dolly 2.0 'I Am Woman'!  Thanks for all of the support for our first song "Shake It"!!  You're all the best…Read more

Great Press from Kate B. at Ourstage Magazine 

Here's a great review from Kate B. at Ourstage Magazine!  And remember our first record is available for free!  But only until September 30th!  Then we're giving you new stuff!! 

The Rare Bird
Published by Kate B on…Read more

Dolly 1.0 availble for free!!

Hello everyone and welcome to the first Dolly blog.  We're super excited to be releasing Dolly 2.0 September 23, 2012!
For one week we're letting visitors to our site download our first record for free! That's right! Free!
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