Great Press from Kate B. at Ourstage Magazine 

Here's a great review from Kate B. at Ourstage Magazine!  And remember our first record is available for free!  But only until September 30th!  Then we're giving you new stuff!! 

The Rare Bird
Published by Kate B on March 30, 2011 in Artist Features
Tags: Metric, indie rock music, indie pop music, goldfrapp, Go-Go's, emily haines, dolly, artist review

In the oversaturated marketplace that is the music industry, true originals can sometimes get lost in the crowd. Be glad Dolly isn’t slipping past your attention. Johnston’s songs are treasure troves of uncommon instruments and complicated arrangements. As a composer, her intellect is undeniable, but her real talent is her ability to make fun, frisky music out of the strangest of bedfellows. Like “Wind At My Back,” where a theremin, a baritone guitar, a computer and some woodwinds join together in a percussive romp that’s part surf music, part tango, part Goldfrapp. “Bang Bang,” with its tambourine shambles, electronic bleeps and ropy guitars, is garage rock go-go for the 21st century. On the subversive “Ghetto Blaster,” Johnston lends her velvety, feline alto (similar to fellow Canadian Emily Haines) to an ode to the redemptive powers of the boom box. “Take a pill, it’s only a song,” she teases. Yeah, but what a song it is.

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