Final track on Dolly's 2.0 available now! 

 Hey dolls... Another Sunday another track!   So sad but this is it for a while
2.0 is now officially released!
"Custer" is the last track on the release but far from the least!  We are really proud of this one and think you'll all love it too.
Make sure you stick around for some awesome slap bass by Greg at the end!
It is a very cinematic sounding track... classic Dolly - western guitars and plenty of details to tickle the eardrums.
Thanks for all the support during the release!  We love you all!
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New Song "Nigel I Tried" available now!! 

 Hey dolls as per usual another Sunday brings a fresh new Dolly track!
This one is called "Nigel I Tried" and we're sure you'll love it... 
It's a little dark and broody... with some stellar production from Tino and Greg... we had a lot of fun producing and writing this track.
Thanks for all the positive feedback this week for "My Microphone"!!  We love you guys.
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New Song 'My Microphone' available now! 

Hello dolls and another happy Sunday has arrived.

Here is the sixth song off of our new record '2.0'
It's called 'my microphone' and it's available now for free for one week!
Thanks for all the support!  We love you guys!  Check it out and let us know what you think... we love to hear from you!
And don't forget to check out all the snazzy lyric videos we have on youtube.

 My Microphone

turn the key tap the engine light
tap the engine light... time to go
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Fifth song off of Dolly 2.0 available now! "Boys Like The Girls" 

Hey Dolls... another Sunday is here and as promised another rocking track off of our new record Dolly 2.0!
The track is called "Boys Like The Girls" and I know you'll love it.  Lots of glitchy beats and unison guitars... Tino and Greg created a really cool bed for this one.
I love the transition into the 'Cure-like' chorus too!

Let us know what you think!  We always love to hear from you.  Hit us up on facebook or twitter... and make sure you spread the word... share tweet share tweet!
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Fourth song "More" available now and for one week... it's free! 

Hey dolls... you guessed it... another Sunday, another new track off of our second record '2.0'.  As usual the track is available for one week at no cost.  Just sign up to our awesome mailing list and join the party.  Thanks for everyone checking out our videos on youtube... please leave some comments for us!  We'd love to hear from you.  

We're also really excited about shooting our first viral video this week for the song "My Microphone"!  Stay tuned!  November 4th is the release date!

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Third song 'Penelope" available now off of Dolly 2.0!  

 Hey dolls!  Another Sunday has arrived and we're thrilled to be releasing the third song off of 2.0 'Penelope'!!!  Thanks to everyone for all the listens and excitement!  
Stay tuned... for the next  five Sundays we'll be releasing a new track!
And remember this week's track is free until next Sunday so don't forget to download it!

This is one of my personal favourites off of the record.  There's a directness and a sexiness to the lyric that is super fun and hot!
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Second song 'I Am Woman' released! Dolly 2.0  

Hey dolls!  And Happy Turkey Day Canadians!!  We're so excited to release the second song off of our record Dolly 2.0 'I Am Woman'!  Thanks for all of the support for our first song "Shake It"!!  You're all the best!  Please share our Facebook page and RT when you get a chance!  This was a really fun song to work on.  Tino cooked up the coolest tracks!  Big thunderous drums... wacky blips and bleeps.... truly inspired!  I also love Greg's guitar work too.  Click the music tab, give us your email and you can…Read more

First song from Dolly's long anticipated 2.0 release available now!  

 It's September 30th dolls and as promised the first song off our new record is available now!  "Shake It" was a complete riot to record.  Heavy guitar riffs doubling some dirty synths... Dolly's voice sailing on top of a relentless kick drum... This track has tons of energy and an 'in-your-face' lyric too...
Each Sunday we'll be releasing another track off of 2.0 so stay tuned!  Because we're feeling so much love we're offering "Shake It" for free until next Sunday!  Spread the word to you friends and…Read more

Great Press from Kate B. at Ourstage Magazine  

Here's a great review from Kate B. at Ourstage Magazine!  And remember our first record is available for free!  But only until September 30th!  Then we're giving you new stuff!! 

The Rare Bird
Published by Kate B on March 30, 2011 in Artist Features
Tags: Metric, indie rock music, indie pop music, goldfrapp, Go-Go's, emily haines, dolly, artist review

In the oversaturated marketplace that is the music industry, true originals can sometimes get lost in the crowd. Be glad Dolly isn’t…Read more

Dolly 1.0 availble for free!! 

Hello everyone and welcome to the first Dolly blog.  We're super excited to be releasing Dolly 2.0 September 23, 2012!
For one week we're letting visitors to our site download our first record for free! That's right! Free!
All you have to do is signup to our mailing list. We promise we won't bug you too much.

The making and recording of 2.0 has been long coming but we know you're going to love how our sound is progressing.

We've also decided to release one song per/week for 8 weeks.  That way every…Read more